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Finding and Choosing the Right Mobility Aid

What is a mobility/disability aid?

The term “mobility aid” is used to describe an item or piece of equipment designed to improve a person’s mobility and independence that improves their daily living.

There are many examples of all the different types of aids that all into this broad description so a mobility can be anything from a small daily living aid, to a children’s pushchair, to large specialist rehabilitation equipment like standing frames designed for someone with a spinal injury. The most popular mobility aids tend to be smaller items that help the user walk like a cane/crutch, or help do something such as open a jar or even turn a key making life easier around the home when you start to find job you used to find easy get a little harder.

So how do I find the right mobility aid for me?

The problem with finding good mobility aids is there are so many! Catalogues of products on websites can span thousands which leaves you thinking “What mobility aid would suit me?” Fortunately a few places, including The Mobility Aids Centre Ltd , have dedicated customer service teams that can help you with this problem. Most products are related to specific medical condition so you are going to need a specific piece of medical equipment to suit your need, rather than ordering products and wasting time (and money) it’s always best to speak to one of our advisors and we will find the product that best suits what you need and give you recommendations rather than you having to try and find the needle in the haystack through the maze of products that are available on the market.

Another great way of finding a mobility aid is to see your doctor or therapist. Doctors/therapists will deal with these kind of conditions daily. They will have an extensive knowledge of what product will best suit your condition and will know what aids suit what condition to improve your everyday life.

And finally another great way is obviously through word-of-mouth, for common conditions such as Arthritis friends/family that also suffer with the condition are sure to have some things they have tried that have improved their daily living and also there are many local support groups everywhere that will be able to advise you.

If anyone else has any suggestions of how to find an aid that suits certain conditions post them in the comment section below and we hope we’ve helped you find a mobility aid that suits you.

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