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Best Mobility Walkers

What Are The Best Walkers To Have At Home?

When faced with the dilemma of finding the right walker for you, questions surface regarding all of the important elements the new addition should encompass. Height adjustability is important to consider, versatility is a factor, and of course, where the product will be most utilised. In this circumstance, we shall delve into the possibilities of walkers best suited to home-use offered here at The Mobility Aids Centre, and discuss the benefits open to you.


Using A Walking Aid at Home; Things to Think About…

Before anything, it is paramount that the walking aid you choose reflects the environment in which it will be used. Does your home have mainly wooden, tiled, or some other variation of smooth flat surface floors, or a mix? Are your doorways fairly wide, or a standard size? Are there doorsteps you’ll need to combat?

In this sense, it would be an idea to have a look at zimmer frame walkers that pride themselves on being operational around such obstructions. For example, for minimising slippages on a laminate floor you may take a look at our walkers that replace two front wheels with instead additional rubber anti-slip components. If you’re looking for a more general product, with adjustable height features and a light-weight frame, but that owns this feature, our Adjustable Height Walking Frame may be right up your street.  

That said, if you have narrower doorways, but require a bit more seamless travel on carpeted floors and more generality of purpose, two wheels on the front of our narrower frames, like our Folding Wheeled Walking Frame, would present a suitable alternative. Further, these are particularly handy for their transportability, simple user-adjustability, and lightweight anodised aluminium frame. So it could be a great walker for those who enjoy frequent days-out as well as independence at home.


Which Walker is Right for You?

Next, of course, to look more specifically at options available, you must think about your own unique needs. We have disability walkers that are appropriate for the average user; however, there may be a necessity for different aspects of extra stability from the walker.

Perhaps you own a heavier stature, therefore, need a domestic walking aid that is reinforced and designed with a wider grip. In this sense, you would get everything you need from the Folding Bariatric Walking Frame. Though towards the upper-end in terms of price, you would find it unmatched in support. It has been produced to brace weight up to 220kg. Meanwhile, it owns straightforward folding capabilities for ease of transport; you would be provided with the utmost of functionality.

We also have a Lightweight Adjustable Walking Frame that is a mobility aid created purposefully for children; adaptable to grow with the user, flashy in colour, and while being tremendously agile is utterly secure! This walker would be a perfect home-based mobility aid for the fact that it weighs just over 1kg- a great consideration, both for the child and guardian likely to be transferring it (upstairs for example) when necessary.

Conversely, we can recommend walking aids with an emphasis on going from a sit-to-stand position. Constructed with two sets of hand grips, the Floria Folding Frame is indispensable in matching form and function. It has been ergonomically designed to ‘collapse’ for transfer, while also offering paramount assistance for individuals who need that little bit extra support to stand independently at home. 


Walking in the Right Direction:

Whether it is that you are looking for an adjustable walking frame with consistent and general support, or one that fulfils a niche task, we have devices that range from value-for-money and non-slip, to fully-adaptable and specific-to-user. There are a wealth of devices that suit a variety of needs on our website, along with plenty of advisors to assist with further inquiries.  

Moving forward, we would advise really thinking about the qualities you are looking for in a mobility walking aid. Examine your home and the potential obstructions it presents, and assess your essentials as the user. Though we have provided some great answers to prospective specifications, we have not explored all the walking frames on The Mobility Aids Centre website, so do peruse at your leisure.          

With over 30 years experience in the field, The Mobility Aids Centre provides customers with a seamless and informed approach to their purchase- call 01733 324242, or alternatively click here to inquire via email!

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