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The Best Food to Help With Arthritis

It has long been said that a variety of different food and drinks can help to relieve the inflammation caused by arthritis. Whilst research is still ongoing to determine which foods actually work and which are placebos, some advice has been given by registered dietitian Ruth Frechman.

Paraphrasing Dr Frechman, she has stated that simply eating healthily can help considerably. Ensure that you are eating fruit and vegetables, nuts and a variety of seeds.

This is especially true as, every time you drop 1 pound of weight, you lighten the load on your knee joints for up to 4 pounds! This can make a huge difference in the pain caused by inflammation.

Easing Arthritis Pain

It is really important to start that there isn’t a super-powerful food that will instantly remove all pain and inflammation. However, according to ever-increasing evidence in the health industry, including specific types of food and spices can help to reduce the pain and calm inflammation.

These should all be eaten as part of a healthy and balanced diet that promotes good wellbeing. Doing this will help you to feel far less agony during daily life.

Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts and Cabbage

So many people complain about eating these vegetables, even as an adult. However, they are packed full of sulforaphane – this is a compound found in the cruciferous family of vegetables can help slow down cartilage damage.

This is based upon a study involving mice which is, to be fair, still in a relatively early stage. However, vegetables are always going to be good for you, so you should try and eat as much of these as you can.

Oily Fish Full of Omega-3

By eating oily fish that are full of omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon or mackerel, you’ll be able to help deal with the inflammation caused by arthritis. To get the best out of it, you should try to eat fatty fish at least twice per week.

However, if you don’t like eating fish then the other option is to speak to your doctor or go to your local supermarket pharmacy to ask about Omega-3 supplements.

Natural Garlic

As part of the same family as leeks and onions, garlic contains a natural compound known as diallyl disulfide. This compound is known to help with a wide variety of different illnesses and diseases including arthritis.

In fact, rheumatologist Dr Scott Zasin from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School actually stated that the compound may also offer some help in limiting the enzymes that damage cartilage.

Tart Cherries

Whilst it hasn’t been proven yet, a study published back in 2013 within Osteoarthritis and Cartilage detailed how some of the subjects who drank juice made from tart cherries felt less pain and stiffness caused by Osteoarthritis.

Within cherries you’ll find a compound known as anthocyanin – this compound helps you deal with pain in your joints, lessening the overall pain of arthritis.


Interestingly enough, turmeric is actually one of the most documented and researched ingredients out there that can help with inflammation. Curcumin, the compound found within turmeric, is said to benefit and help the management of chronic inflammation and related joint diseases. There was even a huge health craze about turmeric tea that started last year and continued into the first half of this year.

Despite the fact that there is a lack of data and testing for side effects, the compound has been used for hundreds of years within India.

Good Old Vitamin C

Finally, research has found that getting some good old-fashioned vitamin C can actually really help with arthritis. A study carried out in Florida in 2011 found that taking vitamin C supplements can mean that you have 11 percent less chance to developer Osteoarthritis in your knees.

Vitamin C can be found in various fruits including strawberries and kiwis. However, Dr Frechman has warned against the use of vitamin C supplements that have higher doses (such as 65 milligrams or more). This is because large amounts of vitamin C can actually increase the chances of developing kidney stones.

Dealing With Arthritis Pain

Those were the best foods out there that can help you manage and deal with the inflammation and pain caused by Arthritis. Once again, it is important to note that medical research into the subject of food helping with Arthritis is still ongoing. However, the 6 foods and spices mentioned above are widely considered to be your best options.

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